Designer with a background in shaping interior spaces to digital experiences.

Currently based in  United Kingdom, Singapore,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I'm Eric! a User Experience Designer focused on creating thoughtful and intuitive interfaces that prioritize human interaction. I graduated from UK where I studied Interior Design. After working at HLM Architects, I discovered a love for small, high-caliber teams and has since worked with companies in the United Kingdom, Singapore & Malaysia. I am currently a certified UX Designer from General Assembly. Constantly looking to learn new things everyday.

Previously, I co-founded Urban Fuod. In my spare time, I served as a product designer at One Shot Nutrition.


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PROJECT #01 ↓  

PETBOOK → Designing an online pet appointment booking app.

Role: UX Design

Petbook is a mobile app that aims to develop an online pet appointment booking app system that addresses the challenges faced by pet owners in managing their pet's healthcare appointments.

PROJECT #02 ↓  

URBAN FUOD™  → Building a shopify e-commerce website for Asia's top nutritionally complete meal.

Role: UX/UI Design

Urban Fuod is a food-tech startup based in Malaysia that offers nutritionally complete drinkable meals. The design emphasizes the selling points of Urban Fuod - complete nutrition, plant-based ingredients, convenience, affordability, and flavor variety.


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